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The Tiger Dude ! <-------------This is the Placeholder picture for my One Piece OC

General Information

Full Name: unknown (I have no fckin idea what to call him) 
Nickname: The Tiger Dude (TTD)
Age :35 (after TS 37)
Race: Minkmen/Fishmen
Gender: Male
Birthday : 9th August
Birthplace: Laboratory
Hight ca. 2,50 meters
Bounty: This dude has some bounty but how much ? pherhaps 1 berry jk xD Hes a bounty hunter so yeah ...later in the story maby a lot (He will huntdown the World Nobels)

Crew: Well they are in development! I think they are called the Wallnut BountyHunters, after some story time they are called WallnutsPirates!!!
there are, i think up to now, some persons in development: 1. fishwomen(Cannoneer) 2. His wife (puhhh whats her job...pherhaps captain) 3. His daughter(Well daughter) 4. devilfruit user (Doctor) 5. Armored dude(Navigator)
and there are some in very early development. So No. 6 would be the carpenter(most likely a non devilfruit user) 7.second cannoneer(Devil fruit user) 8. infantry
Ah yeah the TIGERDUDE is the Cook.

The Ship:
The ship is a gigantick wallnut(half a wallnut) with the typical ship stuff. It's shell is made of a special wood that was hardend by the doctor and coaded with sea stons by the carpenter. In the fron ther it has a small "hanger" for a small boat. This little boat, it can be lowered to sea through the back as well. In a Storm they can lower the entire mast and cloas the open part of the ship with a wallnut shell.

devil Fruit: None

This dude was an experiment. A mesterious dude with cancer, tried to build himself a new body.... He tried to make it as strong as posible, in the end the cancer_dude created several bodys, only two survived the growing process. But the cancer_dude tried to grow bodys without brains so he could transplant his brain in to the "new" body. Well the TIGERDUDE developed a brain so cancer_dude paused the growingprosses and used the other Body. After several years the fetus of the TigerDude started to grow. BOOM and when he was "born" he was trained by the cancer_dude who gaind quit some strength through his new body.

-His fure is like amber and it is hydrophobe. Because of his amberFure(AF) he can creat electricty (through movment) And because amber cant conduct electricity he cant be shocked through electricity.
-Because he is a hybrid(minkmen/fishmen) he has gills. that means he is able to breath underwater.
-Through Hacki he can harden his body ( not all of it at once but large areas.
-His claws are sharp as fuck (able to cut steel)
-Ten times the strength of normal human(because FISHMEN!!)
-poison does not really work (Because cancer_dudes experiments)
-a fast fighter

-Well amber burns quit good. Amber burns slowly so he got time to put it out. But someone like Ace or Sabo(now) could do some damage. Man TigerDude needs some sort of defense against that....mhhh pherhaps a water bucket.
-Well someone whos faster and stronger got a chance .... need some more weaknesses!

For now thats it with the Description ^!!!^

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